M.E.S., A company synonymous with quality

In the last 30 years, M.E.S. has been involved in design and execution of many
projects mainly in Petrochemical application. Large experience in electrical,
instrumentation and signals transmission application allowed the company to grow,
following the market requests.

Areas of application:
• Petrochemical
• Energy
• Public
• Transport
• Environment sector
• Telecommunications

Today M.E.S. is the leading company in the engineering and technology sector thanks to the constant attention we put both to the skills of our professional team and to the procedures for coordination and work planning. Our goal has always been to guarantee a high level final product, perfectly conforming to the most updated standards defined for realization.

For this reason, we have increasingly specialized in “turnkey” projects and services, following all phases of the work, from budgeting to planning, from the final balance to the direction of the works, deploying highly qualified figures who are attentive to safety regulations, and equipping ourselves with high-level instruments and equipment.



• Thermal Power Plants
• Combined Cycle Power Plants
• Hydroelectric power plants
• Turbogas power stations
• Biomass power plants


• Chemical
• Refineries
• Petrochemical
• Pharmaceutical
• Engineering
• Glassmaking
• Cement
• Sugar Factory


• Waste treatment plants
• Shopping malls
• Sport centers
• Hospitals
• Public entities
• Food
• Renewable energy plants

Operating Sectors
At the service of the industry

Emphasis is placed on training personnel to achieve high standards of quality and customer satisfaction, increasing the level of safety of people and plants.

The main training courses that are continuously offered to our staff are as follows:

  • Training courses in compliance with Legislative Decree 81/08.
  • Internal training courses for the correct application of internal procedures.
  • Periodic courses, with a frequency not exceeding 3 months, on risks and operating procedures in force at the plants being maintained.
  • Periodic technical courses on electrical regulations in force with particular attention to safety regulations for those working on live systems.
  • Regular BLSD retraining courses for our personnel authorized by the 118 emergency service.
  • Refresher courses for the management of the Quality System.
  • Technical courses for Siemens PLC programming.
  • Technical courses for medium voltage juniors.
  • Refrigerator’s license with company certification for fluorinated gases.
  • Metrology courses.
  • Technical courses on the theory of regulation.
  • Technical courses for level measurement systems.
  • Technical courses for flow measurement systems.
  • Technical courses for measuring systems of temperature.
  • Technical courses for compensated measuring systems.
  • Technical courses for tax measuring systems.
  • Technical courses for maintenance analysis systems.
  • Training course of survival and rescue at sea for off-shore activities.
  • Refresher courses for activities in confined spaces.
  • Courses for crane operators and aerial platforms.
  • Courses for forklift operator.
  • Welder’s license.