Other activities
A complete offer for our existing costumers

In addition to the activities of the electrical, instrumental and engineering department, M.E.S. is able to supply its acquired customers various complementary activities. The aim is to guarantee a complete service that knows how to interpret needs, providing appropriate solutions for each sector.

Rental Tools and Equipment Services

M.E.S. can meet any need of the customer by renting owned tools and equipment:

• Cranes up to 66 ton and 34 meters.
• Overhead platform (AWP) up to 38 meters.

• Current generators up to 450kVA
• Motor Welders
• Electric lifting pumps
• Caprari 15kW motor-pump Impeller
• Inverter panels up to 200kW fully equipped to receive and transmit signals to the
switchboard or local rooms
• Medium Cable Lines Pre-bound voltage of any cross section
According to the customer’s needs M.E.S. can rent its own equipment and vehicles for
short periods (even fractions of a day) or medium-long periods.

M.E.S. operates with a large fleet of vehicles owned for loading/unloading materials and transporting people to meet all customer needs.
• Vehicles equipped by a mobile workshop
• Trucks for lifting things up to 66 tons0ql.
• Overhead platforms up to 38 meters.
• On-road and off-road forklifts 4×4
• Means of representation

Data transmission, networking and security systems

M.E.S. is also able to provide other services:
• Construction of radio links for data transmission
• Construction of fiber optic systems
• Networking Systems
• Realization of digital video acquisition systems for security

We are also certified for the design and installation of fire detection systems with certified instrumentation by the notified bodies, mainly for the petrochemical, pharmaceutical and industrial sectors.