The diversified services of our Electrical Division

Our Electrical Department

MES services for electrical installations for industry and the tertiary sector

M.E.S. operates in the field of electrical systems for industry and the service sector, providing its qualified assistance with multiple activities. From the construction of grounding systems and utilities to electrical and instrumental maintenance, for more than 30 years we have been guaranteeing a series of highly specialized services aimed at full customer satisfaction, in full compliance with safety regulations.

In addition to the skills of our work team, composed of experienced staff and always up to date, we have proprietary equipment certified for the execution of specific technical activities, such as continuity tests, dielectric rigidity measurement, plant inspections, insulation checks and fault ring. In addition, we are directly involved in the checking the switching of thermal, mechanical and electronic overload relays, as well as calibrations, both in the field and in the laboratory with ATEX certified instrumentation.

Discover the complete list of our activities

• Installation and connections of switchboards and utilities on the field.
• Construction of general earthing systems and utilities on the field.
• Installation of power and control panels.
• Construction of cableways with walkways.
• Construction and installation of conduit pipes for cableways.
• Construction and installation of carpentry.
• Electrical and instrumental maintenance.
• Cable laying.
• Small construction works and excavations to support the main activities.
• Set up of electrical substations MV and LV.
• Supply of MV and LV materials and equipment.
• Management of the material supplied by the customer.
• Maintenance and calibration of MV and LV switches with certified instrumentation.
• Maintenance of transformer and distribution MV and LV electrical substations.
• Calibration of protection relays of any type, including the old electromechanical models,
with the use of certified instrumentation.

The company has instrumentation certified for carrying out activities such as:
• Continuity testing.
• Measurement of Dielectric Rigidity.
• Plant inspections.
• Insulation checks.
• Checking the fault ring.
• Checking the switching capacity of thermal, mechanical and electronic overload relays.
• Adjustment and calibration both on the field and in the laboratory with ATEX (Explosion
Proof) certified instruments.

M.E.S. is a Schneider partner