Design and manufacture of air conditioning systems
A qualified service for our customers

Air conditioning systems

Plants and systems for industry and the tertiary sector

M.E.S. is able to offer its customers a qualified service of design and manufacture of air conditioning systems and air conditioners for every need. Industrial air conditioning and air treatment in the workplace are essential to ensure a safe working environment and in line with the sector’s strict legal requirements.

As we are completing our core business, we mainly carry out these installations at industrial plants such as Electrical Cabinets, Control Rooms, offices, office buildings, dressing rooms, etc.. Air treatment plants for vapours, harmful exhalations and dust from production activities that cause a general worsening in the quality of the air; also the temperatures, which in some industrial environments can reach high values.

Air conditioning systems, together with filtration and ventilation systems, have the task of improving the general comfort of the work environment, thus increasing the wellness of the worker and its performance. Heat pump systems allow for maximum customization of the level of environmental comfort, providing low temperatures in hot seasons, and heating in cold seasons.

The supply of air conditioners, installation, maintenance and technical assistance is entrusted to our highly qualified personnel.

Air conditioning and conditioning systems

More specifically we deal with:

• Variable Refrigerant Volume Systems.
• Residential, commercial and Hydronic systems.
• Fresh air treatment systems.
• Canalisation/centralised systems.
• Thermal power stations.

M.E.S. is a Daikin certified installer.

The company is FGAS certified and authorised to install, maintain and repair stationary refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump air conditioning equipment containing certain fluorinated greenhouse gases.